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Frequently Asked Questions


I am frequently asked what's included and what's not included as part of the Planning Service. Please find below a summary of the frequently asked questions which should hopefully give you a very clear idea on what I can do for you.


I have always aimed to go above and beyond what's expected from me and whats written on paper. I understand that planning a wedding is more personal so there will always be something that needs to get done and if I can't assist then I'm happy to help.


That said; I have never restricted myself to any request made by The Client to me. For example - I don’t usually assist with Bridal salons because living in the UAE most of my brides have a preferred stylist. But there are many brides (especially destination wedding clients) who do request to recommend salons and I happy to oblige. I would never go  'two Skype calls a month, over and above charged at the rate of…' Its your wedding and I am your planner. You can call me as often as you want.

Who will be the main point of contact for my wedding and how will she help with planning the wedding?

Your main point of contact is myself; Rochelle. I will plan the wedding completely from attending meetings, to hiring vendors, making floor plans and timelines to final execution. Some weddings may have a different execution (operations) planner but that will be communicated to The Client much prior to the event.

If you have gone through some of the wedding albums, then you will notice some weddings have 30 guests while some have 700 plus guests. With bigger and multiple day weddings - I work with a team of planners and a separate production team. This is same team that I have been working with since I started planning weddings in 2005. In these 10 years there is nothing too big or too small that we have not done. The results are for you to see in the albums.

The size of your wedding will never be a concern. I have planned everything from a single day 3 guests to a 5 days 2000 guests weddings. Your main contact point during the entire planning will still remain the same.

What are the Services provided as part of The planners services?

Venue Scouting

Suggesting venues to The Client as per the requirements and budget. Note that many clients have already selected and booked their venues prior to meeting The Planner. While this definitely saves us a little time - all meetings henceforth including final execution with the venue staff is done by The Planner.


Planning and Budgeting

The Planner will plan each event and assist The client in making a budget for each day / event.


Décor and Production

The Planner has many services as flowers, décor, sound and lights as part of their in-house services. The planner designs each event as per the chosen theme and given budget of The Client. Please refer to the albums on the portfolio page to see samples for our work.


Vendor Sourcing

The Planner will suggest and confirm other vendors such as Deejay, Photographer, Videographer, Baker, etc. The Planner is willing to accommodate The Clients own preferences with regards to the above. The Clients preferred vendors must be confirmed and communicated to The Planner 90 days in advance in order for The Planner to integrate them into the wedding planning process.


Vendor Meetings

The planner will attend meetings with the hired vendors on behalf of The Client and assist with the required information needed to ensure the event goes smoothly as planned.


Site Inspection, Technical Ryders, and Floorplans

The Planners team will inspect each site before the start of production. They will also provide technical ryders to the relevant suppliers for the purpose of set up. The planner will provide sketches and floorplans to the relevant suppliers for the purpose of set up.


Wedding Day Director Service

The event will be executed by The Planners Co-ordination Team. The team will be present from the time the set up starts and continue executing all the way till dinner in the evening. This includes coordination with the hotel, vendors and the flow of the event.

Should the event require more staff on site/event day then The Planner will inform The Client about this. There may be extra charges that will be communicated to The Client in order to bring the extra staff on site.

Security services, concierge services and check in services is not part of Wedding Day Director Services. Arrangement for this can be made by The Planner if required but will be charged additional.



What are the Services that’s not part of The Planners services?

These services are not directly included in the contract but we can assist in many areas via a third party. Although these services do not fall under our direct services, we coordinate with each and every one of them as part of the wedding execution during the event.

Many companies in Dubai advertise these services. There are two possibilities to this ; one - they hire an external company and charge you as part of the whole package. two - if the company has staff then they will do it but be assured, you will be paying for it. I prefer being transparent with my clients so you will be informed at the initial meeting.

Bridal Party Personal Services

Not included in our services is Bridal Dressmaker & Salon services. The Planner may suggest options to The Client, however, this is very personal to each client and many prefer to go to the places they have previously been comfortable with. The Planner will provide a list of available hair/make-up artists to The Client if requested.


Alcohol License and Delivery - Wedding Events

As The Planner does not hold a commercial alcohol license; The Planner cannot provide such licenses/services to The Client. Hotels and similar venues come with their own alcohol license but if you wish to hold your event in a public venue then The Client must personally seek Police Approval (as is required by the Police) before the start of the event. The Planner cannot buy or deliver alcohol to any venue. This is the sole responsibility of The Client.


Valet, Security and Concierge

The Planner does not personally provide valet, security or concierge services during the duration of the event. This can be arranged via external suppliers. The Planner can provide a recommended list. We will however coordinate and supervise with the services booked on the wedding day.


Visa, Hotel Bookings & Airport Meet and Pickup/Drop off

Unless previously agreed upon or as part of whole wedding package, The Planner does not make visa, hotel bookings or provide airport pick up and drop services for guests. We deal with an external travel and tours company for wedding guests to make their travel arrangements. The Planner is happy to provide details of such providers to The Client. For visas, the tours company may request a security deposit for each applicant that’s refunded after the visitor leaves the country and provides proof of exit.


Do I have to pay for The Planners Accommodation and Travel?

If the wedding is within city limits in Dubai then The Planner does not require any accommodation. We usually include our travel charges in our fees. However, if the wedding is in another Emirate or Country then The Planner and her team will require rooms and all meals from the day they arrive. The number of rooms will be determined after The Planner decides how many members of her staff will be onsite during the wedding dates.


What’s the best time to meet The Planner?

Workings Hours

The Planners working hours are Sunday through Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Unless there is an event, we do not work on Friday and Saturday. If The Client wishes to arrange a meeting on the weekend, then we must get a request at least a week prior. This is subject to availability. Please understand that the weekend is popular for wedding events so its very important that you inform me when is the best time to meet you so I plan my productions accordingly


Who should I make payments to and When must the payment to The Planner be made?

I follow the general event practice in the UAE.

All hotels and suppliers require that the final invoices be cleared before the start of the events.

To confirm The Planners planning services, a 50% deposit must be made prior to the start of planning the events. Similarly any service/production booked via The planner must be paid a 50% advance in order to confirm. All payments are made to The Planner and any service/production booked via the Planner must be cleared before the start of the events. The Planner will provide you with our receipt for any payment made to us.



When happens to the event if there is a storm or it rains or similar situations arise?

The Client must understand that The Planner has no control in such occasions. This also holds the same if the government declares a holiday, dry day, mourning days etc. The Planner will provide alternate solutions if possible. The Client must also understand that there may be certain charges that cannot be reversed under such circumstances. Our standard cancellation policy will apply if the event is cancelled.

The Planner is not liable for failure to perform, if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), rebellion, revolution, military, terrorist activities, blockage, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.


If you have any others questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.





- The Marriagement Team

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